Another Law Firm Sues Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne’s former lawyer Michael Kramer, who was representing the rapper in his legal battle with Cash Money Records, is now suing him for $375,239 in unpaid legal fees, XXL reports. The lawsuit, which was filed in Manhattan federal court on Monday, alleges that Wayne failed to pay a $20,000 initial retainer agreed upon in July 2013 in addition to subsequent monthly bills from November 2014 to October 2015, when Kramer’s firm dropped him as a client due to the debt. Kramer says in the suit that “numerous attempts to resolve the dispute amicably…were ultimately unsuccessful.”

Back in October, Lil Wayne was already sued for $80,000 in unpaid legal fees by another law firm, Garbett, Allen and Roza, who represented him in a suit against a private jet leasing company. The suit was unsuccessful, which led to Wayne being ordered to pay the company $2 million and Miami police seizing some of his art collection.

Wayne should probably just pay lawyers what he owes them! With all the lawsuits surrounding him, he definitely needs them!

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