Seinfeld2000 & How To Dress Well – “The Speed Dial”

We haven’t heard much from How To Dress Well since last year’s “What Is This Heart?” aside from a video for “Precious Love,” which he put out to celebrate the anniversary of the album. The same can be said for @seinfeld2000, as no collabs have shown up on the twitter account since last year’s video game with Ezra Koenig singing the TV show’s theme song.

Today, perhaps an old school corded phone response to the madness that was “Hotline Bling” surfaced with “The Speed Dial.” @Seinfeld2000 teams with How To Dress Well to pull a bit of an Erykah Badu with a phone themed anthem that splices the classic Seinfeld speed dial episode with a heavily sampled beat, as How To Dress Well sings/narrates the episode with some hilarious, high-pitched mumbles. This is kind of like that weird gift you get for Christmas that turns out to be pretty cool. Check it out below.