The Cure Remake ’80s B-Side For Luther

The Cure Remake ’80s B-Side For Luther

Luther, the great British cop show that features Idris Elba as a detective, aired a Christmas special last night. (British TV does that. Shows that have no business having Christmas specials get Christmas specials, largely so the people behind them can make a standalone episode without worrying about fitting it into a season-long arc.) And as Gigwise reports, this special had an assist from British gloom-rock royalty the Cure.

The episode featured a version of “A Few Hours After This,” a song that originally appeared as a B-side for their 1985 single “In Between Days.” The band recorded the new version of the song — way more spare and digital than the original, and way shorter, too — specifically for the show.

Of the song, Luther creator Neil Cross says:

I have been an obsessive fan of The Cure since I was 13. After we had finished shooting the second episode of this special, I phoned the producer and said there is this really obscure Cure track – an extra track on a 12-inch single called “A Few Hours After This” – which I have always loved and think it would really go.

Long story short, we contacted Robert Smith and he re-recorded the song. That was one of those moments where I wanted to hijack the Tardis and go back and see my teenage self and say, “One day…”

Here’s the new version:

If you’re in the UK, you can stream the Luther episode here. The rest of us will have to wait.

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