Hudson Mohawke – “Escape” (John Carpenter Cover)

UK G.O.O.D. Music in-house producer Hudson Mohawke stepped out from behind the scenes this past summer with Lantern, his first solo LP in six years. But HudMo isn’t one to idle. He usually has something up his sleeve, even if it’s not entirely his own work. That is exactly the case for his contribution to his native Glasgow’s LuckyMe Records advent calendar: a John Carpenter cover aptly titled “Escape.” Mohawke uses atmospheric synth sweeps, melodic keys, and tribal-esque, heavy drum hits to recall Lost Themes from early this year. Check it out below.

“Escape” is the first of two tracks revealed on LuckyMe’s advent calendar. There will be 12 in total. In lieu of purchasing, they ask for donations to be left for the Syrian Refugee Crisis.