Kendrick Lamar – “God Is Gangsta” Short Film (NSFW)

Kendrick Lamar – “God Is Gangsta” Short Film (NSFW)

“God Is Gangsta” isn’t the name of a song on To Pimp A Butterfly, but it is the title of a new video that Kendrick Lamar released late last night. The Jack Begert-directed short was produced by Psycho Studios, and initiates with Lamar getting blackout drunk alone and spitting the lyrics to the acerbic, constricted track “u” which boasts the pivotal mantra: “Loving you is complicated.” Lamar leaves the house later on and transitions into a rendition of “For Sale?” The New York Times recently published an interview with Lamar in which he discusses To Pimp A Butterfly’s eleven Grammy nominations and the Black Lives Matter movement among other things. Watch the short film below.

To Pimp A Butterfly is out now on TDE/Interscope.

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