Axl Rose No Longer Appearing On Jimmy Kimmel Tomorrow?

Axl Rose was supposed to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live tomorrow, presumably to discuss the already much-discussed Guns N’ Roses reunion, which is reportedly happening and will include a full North American tour and a headlining performance at Coachella. But now…Axl Rose might not be on Kimmel tomorrow?

Earlier today, the show’s website listed Axl Rose as the first guest on Tuesday, but now his name isn’t on the schedule at all. Which is weird! And as Blabbermouth points out, a Facebook post by Axl’s half-sister Amy Bailey telling fans to watch Kimmel on Tuesday has since been deleted as well.

According to a moderator on the Guns N’ Roses fan forum, Axl’s appearance on the show has indeed been canceled:

I just received confirmation that Axl will NOT be appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Tuesday, January 5th! Sorry to disappoint but I can now confirm…[There was] no reason given [for the change of plans]. I sent out an email to someone connected with the band the answer I got back is that Axl will not be appearing in tomorrow night’s show. Hopefully we’ll hear more in the coming days, so I wouldn’t get too discouraged. It’s just not going to be on Kimmel tomorrow night. That’s all I know.”

Even if Axl isn’t on Kimmel, the reunion is still presumably happening. I guess we’ll find out what’s going on tomorrow?