Tim Woulfe – “Be Clarity” (Stereogum Premiere)

Recordings meant to accompany sleep aren’t new — Jeff Bridges just released a notable one last year — but they all carry with them a certain comfort, especially for those among us who spend much of their nights lying awake, and most of their days regretting having to be so tired. Tim Woulfe, co-founder of Apollonian Sound and recent Philly resident, was going through a particularly harsh bout of insomnia when he recorded The Sleep Cycles, his second long-form release following 2013’s The Uncouth Strain. Its structure is meant to mimic a good night’s sleep, and each song takes on the enveloping warmth you hope to feel when you eventually drift off. “Be Clarity” is the record’s closing track, and it does its job in subduing you into a wave-like lull. Woulfe’s joined by Nora Einbender-Luks and Baby Mollusk’s Rachel Gordon on background vocals and that band’s Mike Ditrio plays muffled drums, and they all contribute to the hushed calm that pervades the track. Listen below.

The Sleep Cycles is out 2/26 via Apollonian Sound. You can pre-order it digitally or on tape.

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