Watch Jennifer Lopez Judge Contestant’s Intense Death Cab Cover On American Idol

It’s the last season of American Idol, which means it’s the last time to watch their delightfully, painfully awkward audition episodes. (That is, unless you watch one of the many Idol spawns that are still on the airwaves!) Last night, one of the contestants performed Death Cab For Cutie’s “Black Sun,” and it was the first time that one of their songs was covered (and televised) on the show. (Though I’m sure there were plenty of unaired “I Will Follow You Into The Dark” renditions from back in that song’s hayday.) The contestant in question was the very intense Kerry Courtney, and he ended up “making it to Hollywood!” J. Lo seemed really into it. Do you think it’s the first time any of the judges have heard a Death Cab song? Especially this Death Cab song, which was on their most recent album, Kintsugi? Watch the audition below.