Preview Courtney Love’s Hole-Inspired Clothing Collection For Nasty Gal

When Courtney Love isn’t busy covering the shit out of Radiohead or singing with Adam Sandler at a Hollywood party or releasing new music on Wavves’ label or being attacked by Uber protesters or guest-starring on Empire or solving the missing Malaysian plane mystery, she also does a little fashion design. Love is about to launch a new collection for Nasty Gal, which they’re appropriately calling Love, Courtney.

“I wasn’t going to be on it if it wasn’t a real collaboration,” she tells Vogue, “so, it really is.” It’s inspired by Love’s own outfits over the years, pieced together from photos and some of the wardrobe she held onto. “We went through some of my rock-star ’90s stuff and redid that in a more modern context, and some new things as well.” Some of the items are named after Hole songs! For instance, here’s the Celebrity Skin Unitard, which retails for $108:

And here’s the Doll Parts Babydoll dress, priced at $128:

Read more at Vogue, or check out the whole collection at Nasty Gal in exchange for an email address.