Justin Bieber Kicked Out Of Ancient Mayan City

Justin Bieber has been in full image-rehab mode lately, but he hasn’t completely finished with his “acting like a tool in public” era. Lately, the singer has been spending some time on vacation in Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula, and yesterday, as The Telegraph reports, he visited the ruins of Tulum, the ancient Mayan city. While there, he tried to climb a cordoned-off building, and security told him to get down. He then tried again, which led to some kind of dispute between his entourage and the archeological site’s security guards. Security called police, but no charges were pressed. Security simply escorted Bieber out while Adriana Velázquez, of Mexico’s National Institute of Anthropology and History, told police that their help “wasn’t necessary.” Sounds like none of this was necessary.

No word on whether Bieber wrote, “Hopefully, the ancient Mayans would’ve been Beliebers” in the Tulum guestbook.