Charlie Hilton – “Funny Anyway”

In a few weeks, Blouse’s Charlie Hilton will put out her debut solo album, Palana. We’ve already heard “Pony” and the Mac DeMarco-featuring “100 Million,” and today she’s shared another new track called “Funny Anyway.” It’s an unassuming, warbled, and stripped-down song, a muted contrast to what we’ve gotten from the record so far. Hilton explained the creation of the song to Noisey as such:

I don’t know if I’ll ever write another song that communicates with more accuracy what it feels like to be me. It’s my favorite song on the album, and the most personal. I finished the song just days before on the subway. I think it’s really fun to record a song when it’s so fresh out of your mind. The whole process felt seamless. When we recorded it, it was the middle of winter in New York, but the sun came out and shone through the studio. There was a peaceful and light feeling in the room—I still feel it when I listen to the song. Jake is playing guitar and keys, and that’s Anand Wilder from Yeasayer playing the cello. They were making a record in the studio next door and we were getting along nicely, so Anand brought his cello over and played on this track and a few others.

Listen below.

Palana is out 1/22 via Captured Tracks.