Calvin Love – “Ashes To Ashes” (David Bowie Cover)

When someone as monumentally important in as many people’s lives as David Bowie dies, everyone feels the need to pay tribute, to honor him in some way, to try (and probably fail) to express the intensely personal connection we feel to him and his music. If you’re a writer, you might do this with words and lists, and if you’re a musician, you might use a song. People like Matt Berninger and Brent Knopf of El Vy and Spoon’s Britt Daniel have already given us cover versions of their favorite Bowie songs, and now comes another by Calvin Love, a veteran of the same Edmonton indie scene that reared Mac DeMarco, who offers a gently spacey take on “Ashes To Ashes.” Listen and compare it to Bowie’s original below.