SWISH Will Have Plenty Of Khloé Kardashian Input

Kanye West is one of pop music’s great collaborators, and he only gets input from the best: Arca, Madlib, Hudson Mohawke, Pusha T… Khloé Kardashian? In a new Cosmopolitan interview, Kanye’s sister-in-law says that she’s heard West’s new album SWISH and that it’s incredible. She also says that he’s been very nice about soliciting the opinions of all the sisters in the Kardashian clan, which is a weird thing to even think about. Here’s what she says:

Did you hear the new Kanye songs that came out today?

I did not today, but I’ve heard his whole album. His studio is at his house, so we go to his house all the time. I’ve heard the songs, I just don’t know which ones came out.

It was “Real Friends“—

OK, I’ve heard “Real Friends.”

And a snippet of “No More Parties in L.A.”

His album is so good. So I’m confused, is this not an album? We’re just giving away music?

I think he’s starting up G.O.O.D. Fridays again.

He has so many songs that we — I act like I’m recording them — that he can’t figure out what he wants to put on his album. And they’re all genuinely terrific songs. So maybe that’s why he’s doing that.

You’re one of the lucky few who’s heard it.

I know, it’s really cool. And he really cares about our opinions, which I find even cooler. Because we’re not artists, obviously, but he respects what we say so much. He is so passionate. He’s like, every bit the meaning of an artist. He’s so into his craft, and just to see him at work and see how much he respects our opinions, all of us sisters, he wants us all in the studio at different times. Thank god we all live a block away from each other.

Before anyone panics, please note that the Kardashians are effectively Kanye’s family now. Who wouldn’t play their new album for their family? And Khloé used to date French Montana, so it’s not like she knows nothing about rap music. Also of note: Today marks one month until SWISH, so start counting down now.