Iggy Pop Shares Memories Of David Bowie

David Bowie worked with countless artists over the course of his prolific career, but one of his most notable peers and collaborators was Iggy Pop. Bowie produced and co-wrote a number of tracks on Pop’s 1977 masterpiece, The Idiot, and is often credited with resurrecting Pop’s career in the 1970s after the Stooges broke up. Bowie passed away on Sunday, and Pop paid tribute to him in an interview with The New York Times. He explained their professional relationship as follows:

He was more of a benefactor than a friend in a way most people think of friendship. He went a bit out of his way to bestow some good karma on me.

Pop goes on to tell stories about traveling and living with Bowie, and ends the piece by recounting the time Bowie visited his parents in Detroit. Read the moving tribute in full here, and watch Dinah Shore interview Bowie and Pop in 1977 below.