New Foals Video – “Olympic Airways”

Don’t think Beijing, it’s more like the Gods and the recreation of culture, here. There’s so much going on in this video for Foals’ “Olympic Airways” — people sitting in fields with black balloons, stripping shirts and slathering themselves in crude oil, tossing tires and mattresses during outdoor band practice, setting fire to garbage and flares and sea creatures, etc. It is a primal sort of party. It is thought provoking, maybe (Yannis is out to “blow up these play parades,” to disappear, start over, and reappear). Think of it like an oil age Lord Of The Flies scene. Or don’t think of it at all, and just go with the airy guitar-harmonics and post-punk stuff. I get the sense Foals are going after both.

Antidotes is out via Sub Pop.

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