Linda Perry Calls Bullshit On Lady Gaga’s Oscar Nom: “She Only Rewrote One Line”

“‘Til It Happens To You” is a song that Lady Gaga co-wrote with Diane Warren for a recent documentary about sexual assault on college campuses. The Hunting Ground was released about a year ago, and the song has earned Gaga — who has been successfully rebranding herself since Artpop tanked — a fair amount of cred. Gaga and Warren shared an Oscar nomination for “‘Til It Happens To You,” though it’s been reported that Warren wrote the bulk of the track’s lyrics with Gaga contributing a single line. Warren, whose songs have been nominated for Oscars seven times before this, gave Gaga props for taking the track to “another level.” She seems pretty happy to have an eighth nomination under her belt, regardless of whose name it’s technically credited to. Songwriting veteran Linda Perry, on the other hand, didn’t think Gaga earned the nom at all. Perry took to Twitter early this morning to address the issue:

…Then Perry responded to Gaga fans:

This all kind of seems like a non-issue since Gaga explicitly referenced Warren when she thanked the Academy over Twitter last week:

And on top of that, Gaga mentioned that Warren wrote most of the song in a recent interview with The Los Angeles Times:

It was already kind of a finished piece when I came in to work on it with Diane. We made some changes so it would speak to more people than just rape survivors. The song kind of became a conversation between two women who’d been sexually abused. Finding our common connection through this song and her sharing that with me — Diane doesn’t co-write with anybody, ever — it meant a lot to me; it was really a gift. She was saying, ‘I want to share this with you; this is ours.’ And that’s what we’re saying to people: We want to share our pain with other people.


UPDATE: Diane Warren doesn’t get what all of the fuss is about:

¯\_(?)_/¯ ¯\_(?)_/¯

UPDATE 2: Perry has apologized.