Watch Ghostface Killah And Killah Priest’s Ridiculous Infomercial/Music Video Promoting Their “Wu Goo” Hash Oil

The Wu-Tang Clan has never been shy about their love of tree and drug paraphernalia. Taking their own Wu-Tang Financial advice, they are diversifying their portfolio with a new hash oil called “Wu Goo.” The goo comes in a ridiculous amount of flavors and boasts several strong endorsements from Ghostface Killah like: “Fuck walking, this will have you skipping” and “This is going to kick the blunt and rolling paper’s ass.” This infomercial is pure Wu-branded ridiculousness. After Ghostface’s infomercial co-host takes a hit of the goo herself, the music video begins at the 2:43 mark with some trippy ’90s low-fi images colliding in quick cuts. Both Ghostface and Killah Priest spit some THC oil rhymes with plenty of science and slick weed talk. Dave Chappelle would definitely feel this infomercial/video (and probably the oil itself). Check it out below.