Mu – “Vampire” (Stereogum Premiere)

Electro-pop duo Mu (Francesca Belcourt and Brittney Rand) layer synths with the best of them and then add a touch of pop sensibility with catchy phrases and dreamy harmonies. On their latest single “Vampire,” they incorporate a highly danceable drum beat with the aforementioned tendencies and ramp them up and down with precision. In the music’s barest moments, the lyrics pierce into the forefront — particularly the line “You tried to suck me dry/ Sink your teeth in the empress in me.” Apparently the duo had some specific individuals in mind when penning the lyrics, as they had this to say about the song: “‘Vampire'” is an ode to the ones that vandalize our spirits and dine on the effervescence of thinkers, romantics and creators. To those that cannot dream.” They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and this song is pretty freakin’ strong. Listen below.

Mu’s sophomore EP, II, is out on 2/12.

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