Preview Cocteau Twins Singer Elizabeth Fraser’s First Full-Length Project In 20 Years

Elizabeth Fraser, formerly of dream-pop greats Cocteau Twins, has a new musical project with her husband, drummer Damon Reece. The Scottish singer released two solo singles and collaborated with folks like Massive Attack and the Future Sound Of London since Cocteau Twins disbanded, but this marks her first full-length project since the band’s final LP Milk And Kisses two decades ago. As Loaded reports, the couple composed the soundtrack for a new UK drama series called The Nightmare Words Of HG Wells that premieres on the Sky Arts channel 1/28. It’s comprised of four films derived from Victorian author HG Wells’ stories. (Wells wrote The War Of The World and The Time Machine, among dozens of others.) Fraser has previously soundtracked parts of films like The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers, The Winter Guest, and Cruel Intentions. Listen to part of the soundtrack in a trailer for the series below.