Hear David Bowie’s Hilarious Rock Star Impressions In Unearthed Studio Outtake

Ever since David Bowie passed, it seems like we’ve learned something new and awesome about him every day. Well, here’s another thing: He was hilariously, scarily accurate at doing impressions of his peers. In 1985, Bowie recorded a song called “Absolute Beginners” for the soundtrack of a movie that was also called Absolute Beginners. And in the recording sessions, he spent a few minutes fucking around, singing the song in the style of Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Iggy Pop, Tom Waits, and a few others. Those recordings have been under wraps for years and years — not because anyone was trying to hide them, but because it was just a fun thing he did in the moment. (“I’m just fucking about now,” you can hear him say in the recording.) As So So Glos member Zach Staggers writes at The Talkhouse, record producer Mark Saunders, a friend of his family, kept that recording for three decades. And earlier this week, he posted it on YouTube. It’s just awesome, and you can hear it below.

Those of us who never got to hang out with Bowie can now be more annoyed that we never got to hang out with Bowie.

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