Danny Brown Discusses His Love For Sufjan Stevens, Natalie Prass

Danny Brown has been extremely active on Twitter in the past couple of days, responding to fans’ questions in a kind of unofficial, no-time-limit AMA and pretty much just talking about whatever he feels like talking about. And apparently, as Pitchfork points out, what he feels like talking about is mostly Sufjan Stevens and Natalie Prass, who he thinks released two of the best albums of 2015. (We agree.) Check out some of his tweets and opinions below.

Danny Brown on his favorite Sufjan album:

On his favorite Natalie Prass song:

He also seems pretty into the idea of collaborating with Matthew E. White’s Spacebomb, the Virginia studio and record label where Prass recorded her album:

Danny Brown on his favorite producer of all time:

On his favorite Kanye album:

His favorite White Stripes album:

His favorite Kendrick Lamar album:

His favorite Death Grips album:

His favorite Young Thug project:

In the midst of all this question-answering, he also teased some new music. When asked if he streams his video game play-throughs on Twitch, this is how he responded:

And when asked if his next album will have the same half-serious, half-party structure as 2013’s Old, this is what he said:

Also, there’s this: