Stream Tuff Love Resort (Stereogum Premiere)

Glasgow duo Tuff Love make a dazzling, fuzzy indie pop all their own with shoegazing guitars galore. They are set to release their new compilation Resort this week, comprising 15 tracks from their three EPs Junk, Dross, and Dregs a la the Weeknd’s Trilogy. The tracks are ordered chronologically in accordance with the release of the EPs as listed above. A progression of three years or so is detailed from beginning to end, and what a spectacular evolution it is. The band had this to say about the tracks on Resort: “There’s a whole load of songs from Tuff Love 2012-2015 that didn’t make it onto this or the EPs but we felt these ones represented us best at the time and we’re proud of them.”

You can feel them coming into their own, the songs becoming richer and fuller through confident risk-taking. The muffled recording session that opens the compilation becomes a full on freewheeling jam session on the concluding song. The tracks in between exhibit increasingly deft and decisive moments where vocals and instrumentation take turns in the driver seat to aid each other on the journey. Guitars are layered or soloed with purpose and just the right amount of distortion, to the utmost effect. The lyrics are piercing in delivery and content. There is a lot of exploration and growth on this compilation, but there aren’t any growing pains. Check out the entire thing below.

Resort is out 1/29 via Lost Map. Pre-order is available here and here.

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