Two Inch Astronaut – “Andy’s Progress Report”

Two Inch Astronaut – “Andy’s Progress Report”

Rolling in on a slow and steady drum beat, Two Inch Astronaut’s new single “Andy’s Progress Report” offers a pleasant juxtaposition to the first two songs we’ve heard off of their forthcoming LP Personal Life. Giving a new definition to the band’s usual sense of heaviness, the weight of “Andy’s Progress Report” lies not in distorted guitars and aggressive drums, but in a dirge of morose violins and weary vocals. That being said, Two Inch Astronaut pick up the pace briefly in order cut through this song’s solemnity, creating a recognizable and climactic arch that fits in with their earlier material. This single demonstrates the multifaceted perspective through which Two Inch Astronaut approached their new record; sample the first two singles “Good Behavior” and “Personal Life,” and listen to “Andy’s Progress Report” below.

Personal Life is out 2/5 via Exploding In Sound.

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