Bent Denim — “City Of Gardens” (Young & Sick Remix) (Stereogum Premiere)

Dutch born, LA-residing multimedia artist and producer Young & Sick is a Band To Watch alum from a couple years back. He was named a BTW because his shimmering, R&B-tinged, new wave-leaning synth-pop meld is a delight for the ears.

On the other side of the US, New Orleans via Nashville duo Bent Denim slowly swirl a dozy, despondent brand of indie pop around heavy lyrics. When we premiered their album Romances You last year, we called it “a pathetic, poetic, majestic piece of work.”

Those two aesthetics seem very discordant, but being the deft remixer that he is, Young & Sick maintains Bent Denim’s essence while letting his own sensibilities shimmer all over his remix of the band’s “City Of Gardens.” He uses the moseying pace of Bent Denim’s original track to slowly build to glimmering layers of synths and glitchy computer pop, transforming it into a groovable dance party. Then, just as the beat seems like it will careen out of control and into the stratosphere, he brings Bent Denim’s lyrics back to the forefront before ramping up the energy one last time leading to an abrupt, cooled-down ending. Listen below.

Bent Denim’s Romances You is out now. You can purchase it here in the US, and here in Europe.