Martin Shkreli & His Goons Threaten Ghostface On Video: “Don’t Ever Mention My Name Again, Dennis”

Martin Shkreli & His Goons Threaten Ghostface On Video: “Don’t Ever Mention My Name Again, Dennis”

Martin Shkreli wants you to hate him. He is, as Tom referred to him last week, a “smug human parasite.” IN CASE you are wondering why, here’s a basic rundown: The pharma bro rose to fame last year when his company, Turing Pharmaceuticals, announced that they would be raising the price of the life-saving HIV/AIDS drug Deraprim from $13.50 to a whopping $750 a pill. That news story condemned him in the Real World, but the Music World went off when we learned that Shkreli was the primary benefactor behind Geoff Rickly’s label Collect Records.

Rickly severed ties with Shkreli, but soon after, it was made public that Shkreli purchased Wu-Tang Clan’s very rare (rare as in: There is only one copy that exists on Earth, and the public will not hear it for 88 years unless Shkreli decides to share it) album, Once Upon A Time In Shaolin. VICE ran a profile on Shkreli yesterday — aptly titled “Why Is Martin Shkreli Still Talking?” — in which he elaborated on what he hopes to do with the album:

Shkreli says he vacillates between wanting to destroy the record and dreaming of installing it in some remote place so that people have to make a spiritual quest to listen. “I’m not just the heel of the music world,” he says. “I want to be the world’s heel.”

If that weren’t enough to piss everyone off, Shkreli also said he would bail Bobby Shmurda out of jail, but Shmurda would owe him one. AND THEN, the FBI arrested Shkreli for running his companies “like a Ponzi scheme.” He is out of jail now on a $5 million bond.

Still with me? OK. Last Friday, Wu-Tang’s own Ghostface Killah publicly acknowledged that Shkreli is a shithead on camera. Shkreli proceeded to call Ghostface out on Twitter…

…to which Ghostface responded with a cryptic, weird-as-hell threat: “I’ll break your heart in four days.” Shkreli will not let this die. In a new video, Shkreli elaborates on why he thinks Ghostface is unworthy and repeatedly refers to him by his legal name, “Dennis.” Watch below.

We will not stop hearing about Shkreli’s antics until he is imprisoned. I’m looking forward to that day.

UPDATE: Shkreli reiterates that “Ghost is in trouble” in a new interview with TMZ; watch below.

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