Kanye West Insists That He Is Not Into Ass Play

On Wednesday afternoon, Kanye West went absolutely nuts on Twitter, reacting to a perceived slight from Wiz Khalifa by doing absolutely everything he could to annihilate Wiz’s entire soul. Things were going great until West started talking about Amber Rose, the ex of both West and Wiz. Pretty soon, West went into intense slut-shaming mode: “you let a stripper trap you,” “I know you mad every time you look at your child that this girl got you for 18 years,” that sort of thing. (Wiz and Amber Rose have a kid together.) Amber Rose, as you might expect, did not take all of this lying down, and she gave a response that pretty much shut Kanye West down.

As the second tweet implies, West deleted that whole Twitter rant immediately after Amber jumped into the conversation. It’s virtually impossible for anyone to react to this sort of thing and maintain dignity, but West still gave it a shot last night. He jumped on Twitter and insisted that he is not into having people play in his asshole, no sir:

He likes pictures and videos! Exes into best friends! So just don’t get the wrong idea, OK, buddy?

Also worth noting: #kanyeanalplaylist is trending on Twitter. So have fun with that.