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The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

This was such a weird week for music — more about gossip and rupture than the constant stream of new music that we all have to digest, though there was plenty of that too. As such, the best music-related video was clearly Ghostface Killah telling a TMZ cameraman that he’s break Martin Shrekli’s heart in four days. But as far as actual music videos go, there were some good ones, too, especially for legendary groups from the ’90s-electronica axis. This weeks’ picks are below.

5. 2 Chainz – “Watch Out” (Dir. Motion Family)

So 2 Chainz is clearly biting his former label boss Ludacris’ “Rollout (My Bizness)” video from 2001, and he appears to be doing it on a fraction of the budget. In theory, this is pretty lame. In practice, as with so much of what 2 Chainz does, I still love this stupid shit.

4. New Order – “Tutti Frutti” (Dir. Tom Haines)

If you have to be trapped in a self-created delusion, this looks like a pretty good one.

3. WALL – “Cuban Cigars” (Dir. Richard Kern)

Richard Kern was making transgressive art-porn videos with Sonic Youth like 30 years ago, so it’s awesome to see that he can still conjure that old stylized intensity.

2. The Chemical Brothers – “Wide Open” (Feat. Beck) (Dir. Dom & Nic)

The whole idea of post-human performance is cool and interesting. But this one mostly ranks so high because I can’t quite understand how they did this.

1. Massive Attack – “Take It There” (Feat. Tricky) (Dir. Hiro Murai)

That Deadwood reboot turned out weird.