Minneapolis Women Unsure Why Chief Keef Told Fans To Egg Their House

On Friday night, Chief Keef tweeted out the address of a Minneapolis home, directing his one million-plus Twitter followers to “throw eggs and shit in a bag and rocks and all that at this address.” Soon, Keef’s fans in the area were driving by, taking pictures and videos of the house and posting them on social media.

As it turns out, the occupants of said Minneapolis home happen to be three young women who attend college nearby and seem to have no earthly idea why Chief Keef would want to egg their house. “I’m fearing for my safety,” one of the residents, Ashley, told Minneapolis’ 5 Eyewitness News. “I have two other roommates that aren’t able to come home tonight because of this, and it’s not going to end tonight. Social media goes on forever. You could re-tweet this in four months and throw eggs at my house.”

Eventually, they were forced to call the police, who monitored the house for several hours to make sure it wasn’t vandalized and advised the residents to stay elsewhere for the night. No damage has been reported, and Keef’s tweet has since been deleted.

“You have a lot of say in what goes on in the world, being so famous, that this is just kind of sickening in what you do with your time,” Ashley continued. “And if you’re going to put a hit on a house, you make sure that they live there.”

Chief Keef has offered no clarification on the situation, only tweeting this:

Watch a local news report on the incident below.

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