Paul Simon Writes Theme For Louis C.K.’s Surprise New Series Horace And Pete

We in the music world have gotten used to surprise releases by now, but a surprise TV show is still a surprise. And yesterday, Louis C.K. surprised the world by releasing the first episode of his new dramatic web series Horace And Pete, starring C.K. and Steve Buscemi as brothers who run a seedy dive bar called Horace And Pete’s. As The New York Times reports, the cast also includes other heavy hitters like Alan Alda, Edie Falco, and Jessica Lange, and C.K. enlisted Paul Simon to write and record the show’s theme song, which serves as its sole soundtrack. The mournful acoustic guitar tune plays at the opening of the episode, the intermission — yes, there’s an intermission at the 32-minute mark — and the closing credits, at which point the lyrics come in: “Hell no/ I can’t complain about my problems/ I’m OK the way things are/ I pull my stool up to the bar/ At Horace And Pete’s/ Sometimes I wonder/ Why do we tear ourselves to pieces?/ I just need some time to think/ Or maybe I just need a drink/ At Horace And Pete’s.” Listen to a brief instrumental snippet below.

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