Presidential Candidate John Kasich Promises To Reunite Pink Floyd If Elected

Republican presidential candidate John Kasich placed 8th in last night’s Iowa caucus, earning only 1.9% of the vote. But Kasich knows what the people want — Pink Floyd — and he’s prepared to offer it. The Ohio Governor spoke to CNN about his campaign today, and the interview concluded with Alisyn Camerota asking him about his favorite concert ever. “Pink Floyd’s The Wall,” Kasich replied. “Roger Waters is a remarkable artist. I saw The Wall in Pittsburgh; it was absolutely incredible. I don’t even have to think twice, it was the best. And if I’m president, I am going to once and for all try to reunite Pink Floyd to come together and play a couple songs. And since we have so much trouble in America with our finances, I’m going to start with a little song they created called ‘Money.'” Well, there ya have it! Watch below.

Kasich is decidedly pro-Israel, and Waters is decidedly anti-Israel, so we’ll see how the negotiations go.

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