Sarah Neufeld – “Where The Light Comes In” (Stereogum Premiere)

Arcade Fire’s violinist Sarah Neufeld is gearing up to drop her solo LP The Ridge later this month. She’s already shared the title track, and today she offers the followup “Where The Light Comes In.” Its beautiful arrangement has a feel of false starts, with each flourish of strings and ambient sweeps given the proper room to breathe and echo before the next begins. Long, delicate, high violin strokes are balanced by the dark, ominous sweeps creating a terrific tension that has a calming effect. Neufeld explains where that serenity comes from:

“Where The Light Comes In” is a piece I wrote in a moment of peace. Those glorious seconds where all is quiet and open and green and the thoughts that form are snowflakes instead of lists of details and reminders. Pure deep water that never ends.
I hope you enjoy. Take it with you to bed!

Truly, this is a rich, gorgeous song. Check it out below.

The Ridge is out 2/26 on Paper Bag. Pre-order is available in digital and physical formats.