Hit-Boy – “TD Celebration” (Feat. Rich Tha Kid & Donnie Trumpet)

Hit-Boy came up off of some hard-hitting, negative-space beats that landed on some high-profile projects like Watch The Throne, but dude is hungry and has been looking to be taken seriously as a rapper for a few years now. He’s been teasing his Zoomin’ 2 mixtape since last year, but ahead of that project comes the latest in his string of one-offs, “TD Celebration.” Obviously Super Bowl-themed, Hit-Boy yields his heavy-hitting tendencies a bit to Donnie Trumpet’s triumphant horns, and the mix is intriguing. Hit-Boy doesn’t have the most interesting voice or complicated flows, but he knows how to ride his own beats well, with his voice taking melodic cadences that function more like another instrument in the mix than sitting on top of it. Donnie’s bright trumpet flourishes interject his signature jazzy/gospel big band sound, adding to the celebratory feel. Hit-Boy and Rich The Kid spit some fitting braggadocio, with the former kicking a barrage of sports metaphors. It’s obvious who he’s rooting for in the big game on hook, and he also sheds a quick tear over Kobe’s impending retirement. Honestly, they should play music for NFL players to get their dance on in the end zone, and I’m not opposed to having this joint play one time. Check it out below.

Zoomin’ 2 is out later this year.