Jessie J: “I’m Kind Of Celebrated As One Of The Greatest Singers In America”

The British pop singer Jessie J is doing just fine for herself in America. She has a couple of hits. She just opened Fox’s Grease! Live musical. That’s something, right? She is not, however, considered one of the greatest singers in America. That would be a ridiculous thing to claim. And yet, Jessie J is claiming it.

As The Sun reports, Jessie J recently appeared on the cover of Women’s Health and, in an interview with the magazine, lamented how her own homeland just doesn’t appreciate her: “It makes me sad. I’ve done the Grammys, the VMAs… My profile in America is that I’m kind of celebrated as one of the greatest singers — and I love it… I want to be up there with the Celine Dions, Whitneys, Beyoncés, and Arethas… I go hard because I hope and pray that one day people look back and go, ‘She could really fucking sing.'”

Relax, Jessie J.

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