ChicagoGate Update: Peter Cetera Threatens To Walk

ChicagoGate Update: Peter Cetera Threatens To Walk

Nobody expected the most intriguing story going into this year’s Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame induction ceremony to be the internal dynamics of the band Chicago, and yet that’s where we are. Upon learning that his band would be part of this year’s induction class, co-founder Peter Lamm hinted that he’d like to reunite with Peter Cetera, the founding Chicago member who left the band to go full-time solo in 1985 and who hasn’t looked back since. Cetera first “emphatically declined” to reunite with the band, and then he said that he’d do it after all. But now, apparently because of disputes over which songs they’ll play, he’s publicly threatening to step away again.

In a note on his website, Cetera posted this:

Hello everyone! I know you’re all waiting to hear what’s happening with the Hall of Fame. I know how frustrated you all are, but trust me, no one is more tired and frustrated than yours truly. I had a conference call with the musical department today and I’ve presented another song option. Right now it’s about a fidy fidy chance that we can hammer something out by the weekend. Frankly folks, Im done if this doesn’t work out. Here’s hoping this one works…Ill let you know either way ASAP…😎

I don’t personally give half a damn about Chicago, but I’m suddenly invested in this whole thing working out. Come on, guys! Get it together!

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