Smoke DZA – “Morals” (Feat. Snoop Dogg)

I tend to get kind of nervous whenever rappers use a biblical reference to title their works because they rarely live up to the lofty expectation the name aspires to. Harlem traditionalist Smoke DZA and Brooklyn producer Harry Fraud have linked for their collab album He Has Risen, and the first single, “Morals,” is not of biblical proportions, but it bumps. DZA spits some authenticity raps, calling dudes out for their fake gangster affiliations and hood tales while recounting his comeup with gritty, vivid detail. He recruits Snoop to assist for an OG cosign and a bit of lesson on how to conduct yourself as rapper. Fraud’s beat is real gully in the Brooklyn sense of the word, with a deep, biting guitar sample and plenty of knock on the drums. He Has Risen is looking solid from this first offering. Listen below.

Here’s the tracklist:

01. “Badabing’s Theme”
02. “Heard That”
03. “The Plot”
04. “Morals Ft. Snoop Dogg”
05. “Stage Five Steamer”
06. “It’s Real”
07. “100K”
08. “Go Get It”
09. “Morningside Sunset”

He Has Risen is out 3/4 on Surf School.