Jay Electronica Disses Kendrick Lamar, Threatens 50 Cent On Periscope

Jay Electronica may not have another song for us anytime soon, but he sure has a lot of opinions. As HotNewHipHop points out, the ever-elusive rap star started broadcasting live via Periscope today, answering fans’ questions while driving around Miami. When one fan asked him to put on some Kendrick Lamar, he responded, “Nah, fuck that,” saying he liked Kendrick’s Gunplay collab “Cartoon & Cereal” but “other than that, we don’t know what that nigga talking about…We don’t know what these lames is talking about.”

Several minutes later, however, he defended Kendrick from his fans, saying, “You can’t say ‘Fuck Kendrick,’ that’s still our brother.” But when someone suggested that Kendrick could beat Jay in a rap battle, Jay claimed that “Kendrick’ll tell you himself he couldn’t body me. Kendrick is my son. Kendrick is my baby. Kendrick wishes that he could be me.”

Jay also had a few choice words for 50 Cent: “At one point he was a good rapper, right now he got the potential to be a good rapper, but he’s on some sucker shit, and we will slap his fucking eyeballs loose. We’ll slap 50 Cent’s fucking eyeballs loose out his scalp.”

On the other hand, though, he thinks Drake is “solid.” Good for Drake!

The footage in question has been removed from Periscope, but you can watch a highlights reel and check out the full session below via YouTube.

UPDATE 50 cent doesn’t even know who Jay Electronica is. In response to a question on Instagram about the diss, 50 said “Who is that? I don’t even know a song from him. LMAO.”