Kevin Gates, Beacon Of Good Judgment, Explains Why He Didn’t Vaccinate His Kids

Vaccinate your children. The most contentious I usually get on here is the occasional goofy band takedown, but I want to be serious for a second. You parents out there owe it to your kids to protect them as best you can, and it’s not going to be by subscribing to unsubstantiated urban legends that say vaccination causes autism or other health problems. That would not only put your child at risk of disease, it would teach them them to grow up into a willfully ignorant adult (assuming they grow up at all, what with the lack of vaccinations). Plus, as a new parent, I am not excited about the prospect of unvaccinated children carrying serious illnesses into my kid’s future classrooms, which is what’s happening with increasing severity thanks to people like Kevin Gates.

Yes, Gates, that proud cousin-fucker and unrepentant female-fan-kicker, is the latest celeb to come out against vaccinations. In a video interview today, Gates tells Rolling Stone that his children are maturing at an accelerated rate because they have not been vaccinated, adding, “I don’t believe in conspiracy theories. I’m just a cold-blooded investigator.” It’s not the first time Gates has preached against vaccination; he spouted similar rhetoric on The Breakfast Club in 2014.

Look: Gates is a great rapper. We’ve been stumping for him for three years. We premiered his hit single “2 Phones” last November. There’s a good reason his major-label debut album Islah just debuted at #2. As anyone who’s heard “I Don’t Get Tired” realizes, the man is fantastic at what he does. We should all enjoy the privilege of being music fans during his prime. Just don’t listen to his parenting advice, OK?

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