Kyle Forester – “Won’t Go Crazy” (Stereogum Premiere)

Crystal Stilts were one of the more underrated entrants into indie rock’s great “Crystal” band names movement of late last decade, perhaps because gloomy jangles like “Crippled Croon” were less visceral than hits by nomenclature bedfellows Crystal Castles and Crystal Antlers. As recently as two years ago they were still kicking out quality tracks, but now sideman Kyle Forester, also of the Ladybug Transistor, is focusing on promoting a self-titled solo album. Forester’s winsome lead single “Won’t Go Crazy” is like Deerhunter by way of Real Estate, matching acoustic finger-plucking with swelling head-trip synths as he sends a string of romantic reflections pinging through the echo chamber. Listen below.


01 “Won’t Go Crazy”
02 “Downtown”
03 “Didn’t Try to Run Away”
04 “Forgot My Name”
05 “Imitation Of Imitation”
06 “Woman In Love”
07 “Make Up Their Minds”
08 “Reflection”
09 “All The Runaround”
10 “What Would I Say”
11 “Imitation Of Love”
12 “Worst Thing You Could Do”

Kyle Forester is out 5/20 via Flying Moonlight Records. Forester plays Cake Shop in NYC this Saturday, 2/13.

CREDIT: Bek Andersen