Son Lux – “Undone” Video

Son Lux, aka Ryan Lott, is a classically trained electro artist who has quite the talent for evocative music videos. We’ve given him best video of the week honors a few times, most recently for “You Don’t Know Me” from last summer’s Bones. Today, Lott revisits that exceptional album, giving one of the more memorable tracks, “Undone,” the visual treatment.

The David Terry Fine-directed clip opens with a woman frantically running through a field before she is joined by what is presumed to be a lover and the narrative cuts to a blackened room where they perform enchanting interpretive dance choreography. The difference between the brightness of the shots outside running and the carefully constructed shadows of the inside scene makes for some brilliant light-and-shadow play. The man then chases the woman with his running form much more smooth and relaxed as hers is much more frenetic. The distance between them grows until the man disappears in a bright ray of light and she is left in the same field where she began, spent from the chase. This video is incredible. Watch.

Bones is out now on Glassnote.