Mac DeMarco Accepts Ryan Paris’ Offer To Collaborate

You might not know who Ryan Paris is. That’s OK. We’re here to fill you in. Paris is an Italian musician, who, in 1983, had a huge international hit with a dinky, fun synthpop track called “Dolce Vita.” Here’s the quintessentially early-’80s video:

One admirer of the song is slop-rock king Mac DeMarco. Back in 2014, DeMarco was the subject of a Pitchfork mocumentary called Pepperoni Playboy. At one point in it, he enthused about “Dolce Vita”:

Paris saw the video, and last month, he posted a video of his own, addressed to DeMarco. In the clip, he asks DeMarco (in charming broken English) for a collaboration: “Maybe we will do a remix of ‘Dolce Vita’ together”:

And as someone on Reddit points out, DeMarco has responded with a video of his own, saying that sure, he’s very interested in working with Ryan Paris:

And just like that, neither one of them is all alone in la dolce vita anymore.