Eddi Front – “Prayer” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

Every Eddi Front song since she first started releasing singles in 2012 has sounded a little like a prayer — a personal confession, a private penance — and that makes the fact that the latest single from her upcoming debut is called “Prayer” all the more apt. But prayers are whispered for a reason — usually when something is terribly, terribly wrong — and this “Prayer” in Eddi Front’s world is perhaps her darkest yet. “See my broken legs, casts on both of them/ It’s just a token of his love/ They’re just tokens of his love,” Ivana Carrescia’s voice floats over sour notes and sinewy guitars and her own competing angelic choral runs. “Have mercy on me, a miserable sinner,” she prays. The song is accompanied by a video directed by Craig Murray, a shuddering and fading visual to go with a song that feels like it’s on the edge of breaking. Watch and listen below.

Marina is out 3/4. You can pre-order it on iTunes here.