Eskimeaux – “Power”

Sunday is Valentine’s Day which makes Eskimeaux’s new single sound extremely appropriate in a deeply fucked way. “Power” explores the inevitable power play that surfaces when you realize that you’re deeply bonded to someone. That struggle materializes now and then between both friends and lovers, but I’m more inclined to consider the song through the lens of the latter and here’s why: no one will make you want to commit murder more than the people you have inexplicably intense feelings for. Gabrielle Smith opens the song with a line about macabre insect mating rituals (“Wish I could love you less like a praying mantis/ Rip your head off every time this starts to feel right”) and she ends it with a reminder that people, like places, can make you claustrophobic. “Oh! What power can be drawn/ From just a day of being alone.” It’s an essential reminder, because this I know to be true: it is far easier to tear someone down and make them feel small than it is to acknowledge and honor the vulnerability you feel in their presence. “Power” was recorded by Emily Sprague (of Florist) and is the debut single off of Eskimeaux’s forthcoming six-song mini album Year Of The Rabbit, which is out in April and follows last year’s O.K. Listen below.

Year Of The Rabbit is out 4/15 via Double Double Whammy. Pre-order it here.

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