Los Angeles Police Department – “Hard”

Los Angeles Police Department – “Hard”

The beguilingly insular music that Ryan Pollie makes as Los Angeles Police Department led us to name him a Band To Watch based on the strength of his 2014 debut, and now LAPD have returned with their first new song in a good while: “Hard” finds Pollie admitting that he “find[s] it hard to be in love,” but he does it anyway because what better feeling could there be? Though “Hard” sounds resistant to the idea at every turn, its warmth suggests that it’s better to just let yourself go without worrying about what could happen next.

“I remember writing this song outside in back of my house drinking Samuel Adams on a pretty day,” he recounted to The Fader, who debuted the track earlier today. “Things were getting more serious with my girlfriend, so naturally with all the good feelings came being terrified of our future, all the possible complications that could arise, and ruin everything. Sometimes it’s hard to enjoy the good parts of life without thinking about how they could eventually turn bad. I think getting out negative thoughts in my music helps me work things out and be more positive in general if that makes sense.”

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