Stream Kanye West’s The Life Of Pablo … Finally!

Stream Kanye West’s The Life Of Pablo … Finally!

After all that tracklist changing, title switching, and Twitter baiting, Kanye West finally unleashed The Life Of Pablo on the world on Thursday. So we settled in, pulled up Tidal’s livestream of the Yeezy Season 3 launch at Madison Square Garden, and had ourselves a good old fashioned comment party. And then the album failed to actually come out, and Kanye did some more tracklist changing and Twitter baiting. After just one listen, it was immediately clear that TLOP is good, but it’ll take a few more listens to determine just how good it is, especially now that we know the final album is appreciably different from what we ended up hearing initially. Luckily, it’s finally out for real, though not without even more last minute hiccups. Kanye announced its availability at the end of his “Ultra Light Beams” performance on tonight’s SNL, like this…

…but it took another 40 minutes to materialize.

You can stream The Life Of Pablo in full via Tidal below if you are a subscriber; otherwise get a download for $20 at It hits other major retailers in another week.

UPDATE: Kanye removed the buy option until next week. Incredible.

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