Tim Vocals – “The Things You Do For Love” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

When considering Tim Vocals’ 2014 mixtape Timtations, we noted that the Harlem singer often employs his lithe falsetto in service of the kind of street-life stories usually reserved for rappers. But Valentine’s Day is this weekend, a day when even the hardest R&B singer offers up something romantic. So here’s a video for “The Things You Do For Love,” a booming midtempo ballad from Vocals’ recent album RNB (Real Nigga Bars). Directed by Angel “Oz” Navarro, the clip does a lot with a little, setting Vocals against a couple striking backgrounds and letting his charisma do the heavy lifting. Watch below.

RNB (Real Nigga Bars) is out now on Next Records. Purchase it here.