Watch Ty Segall’s Insane, Menacing Colbert Performance

Credit Ty Segall with using a rare moment of mainstream visibility to make an impression. The California garage-rock king released the bugged-out psychedelic album Emotional Mugger last month, and last night, he was the musical guest on the Late Show With Stephen Colbert. Segall and the Muggers, his new touring band, came out armed with evil-mime facepaint, serial-killer jumpsuits, and a big bag of candy worms. They played “Candy Sam,” one of the many unhinged songs from the new album. I really don’t want to talk about the things they did while performing because I just want you to watch it and experience it for yourself. Suffice to say, Colbert looked slightly concerned by the time it ended. Watch it below.

Emotional Mugger is out now on Drag City.