Drug Pizza – “No Reaction” (Stereogum Premiere)

Drug Pizza formed in New York in 2013 while the band’s members were working at the same radio station, and next month they’re slated to release a new EP by way of the Bristol/London based label Art Is Hard (who brought us Nai Harvest, Joanna Gruesome, and Fear Of Men) and Negative Fun in the US. Their new single “No Reaction” starts as a smarmy kiss-off to someone undefined when Madeline Steinberg sings: “I don’t care about your broken arm/ Bones heal, and you didn’t fall too far.” But her feelings grow and intensify throughout, hinting that she does care about that broken arm. A lot. Listen and check out Return to Content Mountain’s tracklist below.

Return to Content Mountain tracklist:

01 “Go Away”
02 “Marigold”
03 “No Reaction”
04 “Summer is Forgetting”
05 “Teal of Fortune”

The Return to Content Mountain EP is out 3/18 via Art Is Hard in the UK and Negative Fun in the US.

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