Jay Electronica – “The Curse Of Mayweather” (Kendrick Lamar Diss)

Jay Electronica – “The Curse Of Mayweather” (Kendrick Lamar Diss)

Back in 2013, on the still-unreleased Big Sean song “Control (HOF),” Kendrick Lamar famously went nuts on everyone in rap — including New Orleans enigma Jay Electronica, who also rapped on the song. It must’ve stuck with Jay Elec. Last week, on social media, Jay Elec randomly bashed both Kendrick and 50 Cent: “Kendrick is my son. Kendrick is my baby. Kendrick wishes that he could be me.” And apparently, as Nah Right points out, the whole thing got him so riled up that he did something he doesn’t do very often: He recorded a song. The new track “The Curse Of Mayweather” has a warning shot for 50, but its main target is Kendrick: “‘He’s got 11 Grammy nominations, ya’ll not equal’ / Man, fuck these white people / My grandmother died at 82, scrubbing floors / And niggas still running around, begginf for awards.” The song is tough, but Jay Elec is playing with fire here. Listen below.

Tonight, Kendrick is probably too busy with the Grammys to respond. Tomorrow, though?

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