Jimmy Kimmel’s Latest Mashup Monday Was Panic! At The Sisqo

Jimmy Kimmel Live brought back its pun-based Mash-Up Mondays series last night, presenting a performance combination so obvious that I’m surprised they’re only putting it together right now. The Stereogum-beloved emo drama-class dorks Panic! At The Disco performed along ’90s-vintage Dru Hill R&B wailer Sisqo, naturally becoming Panic! At The Sisqo. And while the combination may look utterly ghastly, it turned out to be entirely watchable. That was mostly because Panic! At The Disco were performing Sisqo’s 1999 novelty smash “Thong Song,” which is better than any song that band has ever written, and because Sisqo still performs with a surprising level of energy and choreographed crispness. Watch it below.

I’m from Baltimore, and true story: Nobody from Baltimore will ever be able to dislike Sisqo or, for that matter, any other former Dru Hill members.