ANTWON – “Luv”

LA-based spitter Antwon has had a solid string of features and loosies over the past few years, including this one with RatKing’s Wiki, but he hasn’t had a proper project to his name for quite some time until now. He’s been doing his thing for about a decade, but after signing with Anticon Records, Antwon is set to drop his Double Ecstasy EP on April Fool’s Day, and its first offering is “Luv.”

Antwon has a punk/hardcore sensibilities that shine through the beats he rhymes over. “Luv” is a paragon of these tendencies with its hard, drum-driven, oscillating beat and menacing synths that leaves plenty of room for him to rock over. The song needles at the weird ambivalence that comes with trying to have a good time in a strip club where love is fleeting, forbidden, and expensive. He even goes as far as to bleep out the word “love” as if it’s the dirtiest thing you could say in such an environment. For a song about a place that is purely transactional, purposely void of emotions and introspection, Antwon brings a lot of nuance to a contemplation about his inward conflict. Check it out below.

Here’s the EP tracklist:

01 “Luv”
02 “100k”
03 “Girl, Flex”
04 “Club”
05 “Dri-Fit”

The Double Ecstasy EP is out 4/1 on Anticon.

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